Amazon Forest Incredible Painting


Tens of thousands of pristine cave paintings were recently found daubed across an eight-mile stretch of rock in a once-in-a-century discovery in Colombia’s Amazon rainforest.

Hailed as the “Sistine Chapel of the Ancients,” it’s the kind of discovery that changes the world of archaeology.

Believed to be 12,500 years old, the art is extremely detailed, and includes handprints and depictions of Ice Age megafauna like the mastodon, a relative of the mammoth, Ice Age horses, and giant ground sloths.

The discovery, made in Chiribiquete National Park in the south of Colombia, was actually made last year but has been kept secret because it’s the set of a major documentary called Jungle Mystery: Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon.

Presumably, archaeologists also want to preserve as much time to study the art alone as they can, as the news could draw thousands of tourists, or even looters and artifact hunters to the site.

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